Rencontrez l’Equipe

Stephen Siddall, Director

Stephen Siddall, Director.

A famously camera shy hotelier, restaurateur and leisure entrepreneur, Stephen leads the team at Elements Boutique Resort & Spa and brings a wealth of experience in high-quality hospitality. Stephen likes to speak something called Northern English and Lithuanian.

William De Baeck, Resort Manager

William De Baeck, Resort Manager.

A native of Belgium Willam has worked in luxury resort properties in Thailand for over 8 years. Having started his career in the South of France more than 19 years ago William believes that the true secret to managing a leading boutique resort is having a hands on approach. By placing the guest at the centre it helps the guest get the best out of the resort and what the island has to offer. Speaks English, French, Flemish and German.

Naew, Spa Manager

Naew, Spa Manager.

Naew has more than a decade of spa experience in high-end resort spas and retail outlets and, as a local, has vast knowledge of Koh Samui's picturesque "Virgin Coast". At Elements boutique resort & spa, Naew has made Spa Serenity one of the islands most popular spas.

Ni, Head of the Financial Department

Ni, Head of the Financial Department.

Very often hidden away in the back offices Ni is one of the unsung heroes of our company, not only does she keep our books (and managers) in order she’s also loved by everybody for her active, outgoing and fun character. Ni speaks Thai and see is working on her English.

Eh, Cash Controller

Eh, Cash Controller.

Eh has a background in accountancy and finance and is responsible for internal auditing and cash controls at Elements boutique resort & spa. Eh speaks her native Thai and is also fluent in German and English.

Miroslav Styčinskij, Executive Chef

Miroslav Styčinskij, Executive Chef.

Miroslav has won numerous gold standard and 5-star awards around Europe, and was a celebrity TV chef in his native Lithuania. Having widely traveled around culinary schools in Europe, Miroslav is a true International Fusion chef, having learnt under in the best places like France, Italy and Iceland. Watch out for his "special" chalk board artwork always fun and some times just a little educational! Miroslav speaks English, Lithuanian and Russian.

Mai, Front Office Manager

Mai, Front Office Manager.

From Nakhon Si Thammarat which is just across the water on the mainland Mai has been on Samui for several years. Working in front office management positions in the larger five star resorts on the island. Mai joined Elements as she prefers the one on one approach to service which the big resorts can not achieve, She also prefers the unspoiled beauty and nature of the south of the island.

Yai, Senior Assistant Manager

Yai, Senior Assistant Manager.

Yai probably has more knowledge about Samui and the area in general than most Not only is he from Samui, he actually grew up in Phang ka only a hundred metres from the resort. He left the island several years ago to work in leisure management eventually spending a couple of years in a senior position in Singapore before returning to join the Elements team. Yai is also a qualified fitness instructor and very much lives up to his name (Yai in Thai means big).

Vasko, Food & Beverage Manager

Vasko, Food & Beverage Manager.

Our resident food and beverage manager has probably got one of the most infectious personalities on the island. A very warm outgoing person who is popular with everybody. He enjoys his work, life and living on the island and it shows. Always happy to chat and share his knowledge.

Sriwan, Reservations & Sales

Sriwan, Reservations & Sales.

Jeremy, Guest Experience Leader

Jeremy, Guest Experience Leader.

Sai, Head of Housekeeping

Sai, Head of Housekeeping.

Sak, Chief Engineer

Sak, Chief Engineer.