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Things to do in Samui.

People often ask us : “what can we do when we are spending 10 days in Samui?”

Depending on who is asking the question, I usually answer this question differently. Young couples coming on a honeymoon want to see and do different things than families with children or retirees.

In general ; can you spend a 10 day holiday in Samui, without getting bored?

Absolutely, although I would personally prefer to lay down on the beach, enjoy a cocktail, read a book, go to have a massage and a good dinner in the evening, without doing to much else, some people want to be active when they are on holiday.

Well, I will try to give you some suggestions of things to do (from my own experience) on a daily base ;

One of my personal favourites is going on a (private) boat-trip to Koh Tan, Koh Mudsum and the 5 islands. Elements organizes on a daily base private boattrips to the islands near the south, south-west coast of Samui. On a holiday, I never wanted to get up at 7am, to catch an early pick-up bus, full of other tourists to go on a tour. If I would be able to do it on my own time schedule, without anyone constantly telling me what to do and when, then I would probably consider taking part in discovery tours. Well, Elements is offering such a service.

Leaving around 11am, which is perfect for me. Then I can have my breakfast first and enjoy my coffee at my own pace. As a warm up (it can be hot being in the sun on the open sea), going around the 5 islands. These islands hold a mysterious and rarely seen phenomenon: the ancient craft of harvesting birds nests, the principal ingredient of making Chinese birds nest soup. So, no way of getting out of the boat and getting on the islands, but it is a nice view and for sure you can take some very nice pictures.

Now ; take me to Koh Tan, so, I can jump in the water, do some snorkeling and work on my tan a little bit. It is actually better then I have expected. The water is crystal clear, there is some nice coral around and loads of fish, wanting to see me as much as I wanting to see them. I even saw a few barracudas swimming by.

From all this swimming, we got hungry, so, our captain took us to the other side of Koh Tan to have lunch in a small local restaurant. I don’t know whether it was the sun, the swimming and snorkeling before, but the food tasted wonderful. Some of the best fried rice with sea food I had in a long time and only for a 100 THB.

Feeling young and energetic again, we took of with the boat (idea was to go to Koh Mudsum). Saying that ; I was actually having some fun with the tube (water-skiing is too difficult for me). The fun lasted for over an hour and not really wanting to go to koh Mudsum anymore, we decided to head for the snorkeling spot again. I stayed on the boat, had a beer and enjoyed the sun, while the other went in the water again.

Well over 4.00 pm, we got back.

The kids were sleeping on the boat. I was tired from all that swimming, water-fun and probably the cold beer in the sun as well.

This is one of my favorites to do on Samui. There is of course much more, which I will tell you about in the next days.

Cost-price for a boat-trip on the private Elements Boat ; 5,200 THB for the boat, including refreshments. The boat-trip is open to non-resort guests as well.

  • Posted by: Peter on 9th March 2011 |
  • Category: Koh Samui