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Things to do in Samui. Na Muang Waterfalls

Personaly, I prefer Na Muang Waterfall II. Its higher up. Its about 80 meter high. You will need to be in a fairly good condition to make it all the way up, but, if you can, it is absolutely worth it. The view is stunning.

Last time, I have been there was with my sister, who was on her honeymoon. A sunny afternoon and a perfect day for a drive with the bikes to Na Muang Waterfall II. Don’t stop at the beginning of the road, where they try to sell you the tour. Its much more fun doing it yourself.

Park your bike at the parking place, enjoy the monkeys and Elephants and start walking.

The first 300/400 meters is only slightly up, with some local huts selling food and drinks, but since you are only starting your trekking, you think you dont need the energy yet.

This will quickly change though. Buy some water when the real trekking starts, because it is right up hill from here. The next 1/2 km up, is tough. You will have plenty of spots to rest and enjoy the overwhelming nature and of course the waterfalls. A quick swim is always welcome.

Once you reach a Coconut leave curtain and most tourist follow the path to the waterfall, just open it, go through it and start you real breath taking adventure. Its steep uphill from here (up to 40%!) and only for the once with a great phycical condition, or ready to suffer like I did.

Reaching the top is worth it do.

The only mistake we made, was not looking at the weather forecast, before we head off. Once up, we were caught in a typical Samui thunderstorm, with heavy rainfall, which made the trek down very interesting, to put it that way.

Being completely soaked, exhausted, we had off with our bikes, still in the pouring rain, back to the hotel, took a shower, freshened up and straight into the restaurant to have a well deserved beer.

Things to do in Samui ; for sure you wont want to miss this one!

  • Posted by: Peter on 1st April 2011 |
  • Category: Koh Samui