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Samui storms, hows the weather?

I thought i would write a quick update for everyone to let them know whats happening with regards to the storms in Samui and of course the airport and the damage done to the island.

At first it was going to be a calm summation of how things have returned to a normal and stable situation. However with the cancellations we are receiving caused by the media and backwards approach of the embassies i think maybe it will turn into a little rant.If this happens i apologize in advance.

Ok, lets go. So hows Samui now? Well,  the worst thing we have had to deal with at Elements boutique resort and spa  in the last two days is  cases of  sunburn from our guests. As far as koh Samui island goes i can give the following update

1 Koh Samui airport. Running as normal and has been since last Friday. The back log of people trying to get home was cleared by Friday and resorts(including Elements boutique resort and spa) have been greeting new guests since last Thursday March 31st. All hotels and resorts are welcoming people as normal.

2 Koh Sam

ui roads. All roads are open and running almost as normal. There are a few bumps here and there caused by tarmac damage which actually nostalgically reminds me of Samui roads two years ago. There is only one block in between Chaweng and Lamai. This is now 60% cleared and should be completely cleared by weekend. Which is suprising as the road was initially blocked by boulders the size of double decker buses. Impressive.

3 Chaweng and Lamai are operating as normal as are 95% of the resorts on Koh Samui.Restaurants and nightclubs and bars are all open and serving good food and drinks

4 Koh Samui has no flooding at all now.

5 Shops are open ,for both locals to buy food and drink and tourists to buy holiday gifts or cool cloths.

6 The sea is calm and water activities are to be enjoyed. Beaches have also been cleared.

Essentially all is good in the world as far as taking a holiday on Samui.

So why am i thinking of ranting you might ask? Well here goes. The media did not report the storm as it was happening and only responded when they saw independant blogs and tweets from people in Chaweng and Lamai. Reports of the storm actually hit the world in most cases after the event was over!

Maybe im showing my age but there was a time when the true nature of  what was happening and the scale of it would be verified by several sources.. Of course there would then be a follow through to let people know what the current situation is. Lets face it if you believed the press Samui was and is a mess.

Don’t get me wrong i love what the web can offer to people but the simple fact is that  the advent of the web has created not just information overload but also a new kind of journalistic monster! Fact? pah who cares? What we want is pictures of spectacular events.The bigger the better!That and of course cute little puppies playing.  The world seems to have become one big tabloid paper full of big colorful yet tragic pictures and very little content.

The press started to report the catastrophe in Samui AFTER it had passed! Already everything was returning to normal and people were again starting to enjoy their holidays. They reported lack of food and fuel that never happened. They wrote of naval ships saving stranded people in the thousands. In effect it was from just one point of Chaweng beach that couldnt be accessed by normal means the rest of the island could be and it wasnt even in three figures though in honesty Koh Taoh was a little differant They announced no electric-After the electric was on . They failed to mention that most of the island had electric and no flooding.

Elements boutique resort and spa never had a single issue apart from customers not wanting to go out in the rain for three days. This was not only true of us but of most resorts on the south of the island. The press said the whole island was in chaos when it clearly wasnt the case. It is true many people had holidays disrupted and could not travel home, they have my sympathies but it was a far cry from what was reported.

And lets face it they scared my mum when there was no reason 🙂

I am now getting several emails per day from people worried about the flooding  their holidays and in many cases wishing us well(thank you) . Not only because of the media though , but also because of what the embassies are writing.

Now i know the embassies do hard work for their respective countries but come on at least try and get it right! During the storm i nor anyone i know was contacted by their embassies (thats a lot of countries im mentioning). We are all registered here and the embassies have our numbers.

Somehow the Embassies announced that Samui airport was closed and the island flooded ,that roads were closed and they advised travellers not to go there. This is ok and sound advise,after all they are looking after the best interests of their citizens. That is if it is done during a difficult period and more to the point if the information is correct

The fact must not be missed that most travel warnings were issued when the island was already returning to normalacy. And more to the point the warnings are still posted today as i write this. But the fact is theres nothing wrong here! And only for two/three days were there any problems. In fact looking at travel warnings issued it appears to be safer to travel to some war zones then here!  Embassies of the world in future please try and phone your citizens that live in these areas ,get the information from the people on the ground and then more to the point get your information up to date and correct.

Rant over!

Ok as several of my guests have pointed out i do like to write novels so its time for me to finish. I will end on this simple note.

Come to Samui, enjoy our beautiful island and beaches.Have a holiday of a life time. And if your worried check with the hotel/resort your staying with ask for photos and videos . We at Elements boutique resort and spa are happy to take them and show you how things really are.

Have a good holiday.

ELements boutique resort and spa hideaway. Bay April 4th 2011

Stormy weather?

Cloudy sky above Elements boutique resort and spa April 4th 2011