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Elements boutique resort & spa hideaway Blog

Nothing is impossible, but some inquiries are very hard to comply with.

One of the most important visions we had when we started Elements was to try comply to anyone’s wishes – and surpass expecations when possible. That’s also one of the reasons why Stephen and myself personally attempt to answer each and every inquiry.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult. Some inquiries don’t give us much information. (I.E. Do you have availability?)  Others give us too much information. Most of them are in English, but we are also responding to inquiries written in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian…in the language they are sent to us.

We are also attempting to answer each correspondance within a few hours, which is widely appreciated by our future guests, but sometimes people forget that Thailand is a different timezone than Europe or America.

And then you have the inquiries telling stories… some funny, some sad. Still not a single one will go unanswered. I was planning to write a book sometime in the future about my experiences living, working and managing a resort in Thailand, and one of the chapters would be “Inquiries.” Before I get started on chapter one of the book, I just had to post  the following inquiry to our blog.

Note that some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and ridiculous. For the record, we did answer this inquiry as well. Unfortunately for this guest, we don’t allow dogs at the resort; though we were tempted to alter our policy for the chance at meeting this couple.

“Dear Sirs,

Having seen your recent offers on Groupon UK, I am both fascinated and excited by your resort and all it has to offer. I do however have several questions regarding accommodation at your hotel.

My wife Miffy and I love to travel with our 4 mini-schnauzers; Hans, Luftkin, Belvedere and Whittle. They are extremely well behaved, do not bark and are fully trained. We are most interested in your beach front villa and wonder if you could arrange two extra cots in the second room for Belvedere and Whittle as they are not comfortable sharing a bed, whereas Luftkin and Hans are. Assuming you would permit the dogs during out two week stay, would it also be possible to arrange for a daytime Butler to attend to the dogs while we are about? This would be a great relief to us. The dogs understand spoken English, French and German and can address commands in either language.

I notice also from your website that each Villa comes with a stocked kitchen and mini-bar. I would like to request a supply of Bombay Sapphire Gin as both Miffy and enjoy our martinis. Would it be possible to arrange for 6 bottles to be on hand? We would bring with us from Singapore but I see there are duty restrictions, and as we plan to bring our own champagnes for morning mimosas, this will take up limit. Do you know if they would allow two bottles per dog as well? If so, this would solve the problem. Though I do doubt it. Well, hopefully you can arrange for the Sapphire, don’t worry we will supply our own olives and glasses. Miffy is extremely particular about her glasses.

I see on your website that your have fresh water pools, this is a real attraction for us as the dogs hair doesn’t hold up so well in the chlorine- neither does Miffy’s to be totally honest. We are wondering though if you have temperature controls on each pool, as our preferred temperature for swimming is between 22-22.7c. Can this be arranged?

During our stay we would like to have a driver available during the day from breakfast until afternoon tea time. We would also require a car, but not an SUV as I have difficulty climbing in/out of them. Would it be possible to arrange for an Audi A5 for rental during our stay with a driver?

My wife Miffy suffers from several allergies, can you have a sample of each cleaning product used at the hotel on hand upon our arrival so that we can quickly test for any reactions? Dish soaps, bathroom cleaners, laundry detergent, etc…

One last concern, of a confidential nature, I have read many reports about the naughtier side of Samui. Does your hotel allow for guests to visit the rooms? Can you arrange for special guests??? You know the kind one might require Viagra for? If so, perhaps you have a photo book available to choose from? My wife is very picky.

Thanks kindly for your consultation on this matter. We’d really be interested in booking at your resort in early November.


AJ Pseude, Director”