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Hi everyone
Below is “THE CHEF’S” second recipe entry to our blog site. Again this is a very popular dish at the resort and there have been many many requests for the recipe. As always “THE CHEF” has given a loose guideline to follow,allowing you to experiment and discover. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to repost or tweet and of course we would also love to hear you comments.Scallops in parma


• 1 Fresh mango
• Half of Cucumber
• 1/3rd of Red mild chili pepper – if you want you can use more spicy sort of chili
• 1 Fresh lime
• Pinch of Fresh mint
• Pinch of Fresh coriander
• Olive oil
• Scallops (up to your appetite)
• Parma ham (one slice will be good for two scallops) can be Serrano or just smoked bacon
• Garlic oil
• Lemon grass

STEP ONE: First: Do not forget to wash you fruits, herbs and vegetables.
STEP TWO: Start with the mango …cut off the skin with sharp knife. Slice the flesh of the mango off the seed. Cut the flesh of the mango in to small 5mm cubes, you can cut to larger size However if the size of the cubes is to small you will get a sort of smoothie paste …not the salsa you desire.
STEP THREE: Peel cucumber, then with a tea spoon take out the seeds…Both peelings and seeds go to garbage .Slice cucumber little bit smaller than you have sliced your mango. Then gently mix with mango.
STEP 4: Grate green skin of lime in to mango and cucumber skin .Now is time for mint and coriander …chop leaves or just use your fingers to tear. Fingers will help retain more juice in leaves .Add in to the mix chopped chilli and a little olive oil (not too much with these two…or will be to spicy or too oily , plus oil will make your mango very soft …if you planning to keep salsa longer). One more time mix gently…and salsa ready …keep in cool place …not freeze please or will become watery.
STEP FIVE: First make garlic oil, this is very easy …just peel the garlic. Take out the green part of garlic if your garlic has one. This green part will give bitter taste to oil,. You can use this oil for your rmeat, or vegetables, trust me it nice thing to have when you cook
STEP SIX: gently wrap your scallop in the Parma ham Try not to add to much ham or you will the kill taste of the scallop. Also when you will cook the ham will give salt to the scallop
STEP SEVEN: Hit the pan, add olive oil .if you don’t like smell of olive oil you can use vegetable or grape-seed oil. Add in to the pan chopped lemon grass , when oil aroma changes add and fry your scallops and parma rolls from two sides, you will not need salt. You will need to add little bit garlic oil ,and pink peppercorn (if you have). Pink peppers will nicely work with in this dish. Please not burn the garlic…
TO SERVE: Just place you mango salsa with table spoon on plate ,on top scallops. You can add fresh herbs , rocket leaves, baby spinach, flowers from your garden (though rosemary will be not good idea ) add cherry tomatoes, slices of lime , or balsamic cream …just to make your dish looks nicer.
Nice and easy…mix of traditions


Chef’s wonderful breakfast pancakes

this is how we do it



Due to great demand and many many requests Miron our CHEF has agreed to post some menus on our blogs. He has started with a resort favourite, our breakfast pancakes. Please note that the CHEFS english is only his third language and i am to be frank quite lazy when it comes to tidy things up. Hope you enjoy it…………

• 1 litre of Milk (natural or low fat)
• 1 Table spoon of Sugar (if you like sweet …you can add more…but remember will be syrup)
• 0.5 tea spoons of salt
• 2 tea spoons of dry yeast (if you add to much, yeast will give strange raw bread taste and smell to pancake)
• 500gr of Flour .You may use more but I think this is the best.
• 1 or 2 green apples(sliced in to thin rings)

STEP ONE: Warm your milk till 30C …not to hot or you will kill the yeast (remember yeast is microorganisms …to grow yeast need good conditions), if milk is too cold yeast will take long time to grow

STEP TWO: Add salt, sugar and yeast mix all together…util sugar and salt melted in the milk.

STEP THREE: Add spoon by spoon in to milk flour…always mixing …As a result you will have nice thick pastry , not runny but at the same time not hard like bread dough…you can always add extra milk if you’ve gone too far. Now you need to wait about 30 minutes until pastry will starts to rise, leave in room temperature. It may take longer dependent on temperature in your kitchen .

STEP FOUR: Sttart cooking. For this stage you will need hot non stick pan and light amount of vegetable oil .Keep at a medium temperature or your pancake will be black …Do not forget to add slices of apple in to your pancake
(if you want you can add strawberry’s, pear, pumpkin or maybe pieces of bacon inside of your pancake’s)
SYRUP: In original recipe we use Sala fruit syrup, easy and inexpensive …but if you don’t have it or you find the taste of Sala fruit is too strong for you can change it to maple syrup, honey, strawberry or cherry syrup or whatever suites you’re palate.

When pancakes are ready…Simply enjoy them with friends or family !!

Ive added a photo to give an idea on presentation(this is how we do at Elements boutique resort and spa) but its up to you. Fresh fruit is always a winner.

Koh Samui- Planes-trains automobiles! Oh, and the odd boat trip.

Well its another swelteringly hot koh samui day! I first wrote this in 2011 and have made updates where needed

My bald head is a little reddened and, in an effort to get away from the sun(as much as i love it) and into my office which has the guilt laden luxury of air-conditioning ,i guess its time to post another blog.

Many of the questions we are asked by people making enquires revolve around ”how do we get to Samui?” “Where is Samui?” “How far is your hotel from the Phuket/samui airport?”. “And of course how do we get to Elements?” …Read More

Koh Samui, busy doing what exactly?

Koh Samui, busy doing what exactly?
After a long absence from the blogosphere and a few gentle pushes from our guests I have finally got myself back in the seat(so to speak). Over the next few weeks we will be posting more about the resort and the island. I have finally convinced our chef that posting some recipes won’t mean he will end up out of a job. And our management team seem to be chomping at the bit to have a go. So watch this space. …Read More