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Chef’s wonderful breakfast pancakes

this is how we do it



Due to great demand and many many requests Miron our CHEF has agreed to post some menus on our blogs. He has started with a resort favourite, our breakfast pancakes. Please note that the CHEFS english is only his third language and i am to be frank quite lazy when it comes to tidy things up. Hope you enjoy it…………

• 1 litre of Milk (natural or low fat)
• 1 Table spoon of Sugar (if you like sweet …you can add more…but remember will be syrup)
• 0.5 tea spoons of salt
• 2 tea spoons of dry yeast (if you add to much, yeast will give strange raw bread taste and smell to pancake)
• 500gr of Flour .You may use more but I think this is the best.
• 1 or 2 green apples(sliced in to thin rings)

STEP ONE: Warm your milk till 30C …not to hot or you will kill the yeast (remember yeast is microorganisms …to grow yeast need good conditions), if milk is too cold yeast will take long time to grow

STEP TWO: Add salt, sugar and yeast mix all together…util sugar and salt melted in the milk.

STEP THREE: Add spoon by spoon in to milk flour…always mixing …As a result you will have nice thick pastry , not runny but at the same time not hard like bread dough…you can always add extra milk if you’ve gone too far. Now you need to wait about 30 minutes until pastry will starts to rise, leave in room temperature. It may take longer dependent on temperature in your kitchen .

STEP FOUR: Sttart cooking. For this stage you will need hot non stick pan and light amount of vegetable oil .Keep at a medium temperature or your pancake will be black …Do not forget to add slices of apple in to your pancake
(if you want you can add strawberry’s, pear, pumpkin or maybe pieces of bacon inside of your pancake’s)
SYRUP: In original recipe we use Sala fruit syrup, easy and inexpensive …but if you don’t have it or you find the taste of Sala fruit is too strong for you can change it to maple syrup, honey, strawberry or cherry syrup or whatever suites you’re palate.

When pancakes are ready…Simply enjoy them with friends or family !!

Ive added a photo to give an idea on presentation(this is how we do at Elements boutique resort and spa) but its up to you. Fresh fruit is always a winner.

Nothing is impossible, but some inquiries are very hard to comply with.

One of the most important visions we had when we started Elements was to try comply to anyone’s wishes – and surpass expecations when possible. That’s also one of the reasons why Stephen and myself personally attempt to answer each and every inquiry. …Read More

Koh Samui- Planes-trains automobiles! Oh, and the odd boat trip.

Well its another swelteringly hot koh samui day!

My bald head is a little reddened and, in an effort to get away from the sun(as much as i love it) and into my office which has the guilt laden luxury of air-conditioning ,i guess its time to post another blog. …Read More

Koh Samui, busy doing what exactly?

Hello again,

Thank you for the kind comments made to me after my little rant on the bad reporting about Samuis recent happenings. Alls back to normal though a few more visitors would be nice.

It does however make it the perfect time to come here and enjoy the island …Read More

Samui storms, hows the weather?

I thought i would write a quick update for everyone to let them know whats happening with regards to the storms in Samui and of course the airport and the damage done to the island. …Read More

Samui Storms

As many of you know by now Koh Samui has just been through the worst storm in the region in thirty years. The mainland areas off the cost of Samui were very severly hit and to say the main land areas are disaster areas to me is an understatement. I wont dwell on this in this blog but my heart goes out to the people on the main land  who are really going through some difficulties. …Read More

The perfect hideaway or getaway?

An ideal boutique resort for honeymooners, couples, families or simply those seeking to get away from the busy mainstream holiday areas.

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